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Main Products

    1. Metal Halide Fishing Light

      This metal halide lamp is a high intensity discharge lamp. It applies straight tube type sodium lamp shell matched with CDM discharge tube, offering visually pleasing white light.


    1. LED Grow Light

      It is used for horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production, including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants. We supply horticultural grow light ...


    1. LED Bulb

      Numerous LED lights designed by our company have been well applied in many fields, e.g. roads, industries, home furnishings, etc. LED bulb of this series looks stylish, unique ...


    1. Flood Light Fixture

      The flood lighting fixture is able to supply symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. Its high-strength, secure support is manufactured from cold-rolled steel sheet.


    1. LED Street Light

      On account of unique anti-thunder design, this LED road lighting has induction lighting electromagnetic pulse protection function, which means it is capable of resisting ...


    1. LED High Bay Light

      It applies American high-brightness semiconductor chips, because of which the LED high bay lighting features high thermal conductivity without any ghost images.


    1. Compact Fluorescent Lamp

      It suits to various indoor lighting occasions. The compact fluorescent lamp has been popularized in hotels, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, conference rooms, families ...


    1. Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps

      On average, this lighting ballast can reduce the input power by at least 10%. That's because the system lighting efficiency gets improvement when a lamp works at high or low frequency ...


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High Quality Lighting System

SOLARS located in China is an illumination lamps manufacturer and supplier. It devotes itself to the production and marketing of diversified high-intensity gas-discharge lamps and complete sets of lighting components. Main products are indoor or outdoor LED light, LED grow light & aquarium light, HID lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, induction light, as well as lighting parts including support, trigger, ballast, etc. Full range of quality lightings have been widely applied for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, stadium illumination, ship lighting, aquarium lighting, street lighting, plant lighting, etc. The lighting solutions are warmly welcomed in those fields.

  • Service
  • According to clients' inquires and actual production technology, we customize reasonable, feasible design solutions to provide clients with effective lightings of competitive price.
    In accordance with the contract signed by both parties, we'll select a professional technical personnel to track the production processes, from raw materials purchasing to each manufacturing technology and to final package. Inspectors will be assigned to make sure safe production and safe transportation.